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# Query Length Result vs. Range Score %id Covered by template(s)
21 gi|77358701|ref|YP_338286.1| pilS cassette (NMB0021) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 124 CSGID 2-123 -12.100 10  IDP01460 fimbrial protein VC2423 [Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor str. N16961]
22 gi|77358702|ref|YP_338287.1| pilS cassette (NMB0022) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 112 CSGID 41-106 -5.920 15  IDP01460 fimbrial protein VC2423 [Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor str. N16961]
23 gi|77358703|ref|YP_338288.1| pilS cassette (NMB0023) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 135 CSGID 2-120 -11.000 12  IDP01460 fimbrial protein VC2423 [Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor str. N16961]
24 gi|77358704|ref|YP_338289.1| pilS cassette (NMB0024) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 198 CSGID 3-107 -7.020 12  IDP02679 Type IV pili fiber building block protein [Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis SCHU S4] FTT0889c [Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis SCHU S4]
25 gi|77358705|ref|YP_338290.1| large pilS cassette (NMB0025) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 225 CSGID 1-224 -17.100 11  IDP01460 fimbrial protein VC2423 [Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor str. N16961]
26 gi|15677981|ref|NP_273092.1| pilS cassette (NMB0026) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 115 CSGID 1-115 -6.900 10  IDP05135 gene: oppA; oligopeptide ABC transporter, substrate-binding lipoprotein [Clostridium difficile 630] CD0855 [Peptoclostridium difficile 630]
27 gi|15675967|ref|NP_273093.1| peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (NMB0027) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 109 CSGID 2-107 -64.100 46  IDP01085 gene: fklB; FKBP-type 22KD peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase STM4397 [Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium str. LT2]
28 gi|15675968|ref|NP_273094.1|(removed signalp:1-17) hypothetical protein (NMB0028) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 55 CSGID 1-45 -5.710 17  IDP95379 set238a-016 [Vibrio cholerae]
29 gi|15675969|ref|NP_273095.1| glycerate dehydrogenase (NMB0029) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 317 CSGID 5-317 -87.700 29  IDP02277 glycerate dehydrogenase [Bacillus anthracis str. `Ames Ancestor`] GBAA1434 [Bacillus anthracis str. `Ames Ancestor`]
30 gi|15675970|ref|NP_273096.1| methionyl-tRNA synthetase (NMB0030) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 685 CSGID 1-684 -210.000 57  IDP90593 gene: metG; methionyl-tRNA synthetase [Yersinia pestis CO92] YPO1522 [Yersinia pestis CO92]
31 gi|15675971|ref|NP_273097.1| D-fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase (NMB0031) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 612 CSGID 1-612 -182.000 43  IDP05186 gene: glmS; glucosamine--fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase (isomerizing) [Clostridium difficile 630] CD0120 [Peptoclostridium difficile 630]
32 gi|15675972|ref|NP_273098.1| hypothetical protein (NMB0032) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 175 CSGID 1-163 -13.800 14  IDP05662 putaive secreted, lysin rich protein [Listeria monocytogenes EGD-e] lmo0303 [Listeria monocytogenes EGD-e]
3-49 -14.400 21  IDP05503 putative lipoprotein [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] BA_4863 [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames]
33 gi|15675973|ref|NP_273099.1|(removed signalp:1-19) putative membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase A (NMB0033) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 422 CSGID 1-422 -82.000 27  IDP00462 gene: mltA; murein transglycosylase A YPO1025 [Yersinia pestis CO92]
34 gi|15675974|ref|NP_273100.1| hypothetical protein (NMB0034) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 279 CSGID 1-267 -62.100 18  IDP92691 hypothetical protein SAUSA300_0346 [Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus USA300_FPR3757] YP_493060 [Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus USA300_FPR3757]
35 gi|15675975|ref|NP_273101.1|(removed signalp:1-19) hypothetical protein (NMB0035) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 369 CSGID 5-369 -94.100 57  IDP91016 hypothetical protein y2451 [Yersinia pestis KIM 10] y2451 [Yersinia pestis KIM10+]
36 gi|15675976|ref|NP_273102.1|(removed signalp:1-20) hypothetical protein (NMB0036) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 401 CSGID 248-384 -5.720 12  IDP00060 Metallothiol transferase fosB 2 (Fosfomycin resistance protein 2) BA_4109 [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames]
37 gi|15675977|ref|NP_273103.1| phnA protein (NMB0037) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 109 CSGID 6-68 -7.720 20  IDP02628 putative cytoplasmic protein [Salmonella typhimurium LT2] STM2923 [Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium str. LT2]
38 gi|15675978|ref|NP_273104.1| UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase (NMB0038) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 456 CSGID 5-456 -133.000 41  IDP05540 gene: glmU; bifunctional protein [Clostridium difficile 630] CD3515 [Peptoclostridium difficile 630]
39 gi|15675979|ref|NP_273105.1|(removed signalp:1-21) hypothetical protein (NMB0039) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 69 CSGID 3-59 -5.910 10  IDP02545 beta-lactamase [Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis SCHU S4] FTT0611c [Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis SCHU S4]
40 gi|15675980|ref|NP_273106.1| putative hydrolase (NMB0040) [Neisseria meningitidis MC58] 237 CSGID 5-223 -53.900 17  IDP05309 gene: pgmB; beta-phosphoglucomutase [Clostridium difficile 630] CD3128 [Peptoclostridium difficile 630]

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