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# Query Length Result vs. Range Score %id Covered by template(s)
1 gi|16082692|ref|NP_395138.1| putative transposase (YPCD1.01) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 340 VFDB 3-56 -9.820 16  VFG042429(gi:639968) (afaF-III) AfaF-III [Afimbrial adhesin, AFA-III (AI012)] [Escherichia coli str. A30]
2 gi|16082693|ref|NP_395139.1| transposase/IS protein (YPCD1.02) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 259 VFDB 5-237 -8.900 VFG006582(gi:15645649) (flhF) flagellar biosynthesis protein [Pse5Ac7Ac (AI150)] [Helicobacter pylori 26695]
3 gi|16082696|ref|NP_395142.1| secretion chaperone (YPCD1.05c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 130 VFDB 1-130 -62.600 100  VFG000372(gi:16082696) (sycE/yerA) chaperone for YopE [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]
4 gi|16082697|ref|NP_395143.1| putative outer membrane virulence protein (YPCD1.06) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 219 VFDB 1-219 -105.000 100  VFG000373(gi:16082697) (yopE) type III secretion system effector YopE, GTPase activating protein (GAP) [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]
5 gi|16082698|ref|NP_395144.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.07) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 98 VFDB 1-98 -6.600 14  VFG002151(gi:15605597) (copB2) Type III secretion system translocator CopB2 [TTSS (VF0344)] [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX]
6 gi|16082699|ref|NP_395145.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.08c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 99 VFDB 30-83 -5.200 18  VFG002071(gi:15595283) (hcp1) type VI secretion system substrate Hcp1 [HSI-I (VF0334)] [Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1]
7 gi|40548796|ref|NP_395146.2| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.09c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 80 VFDB 6-60 -5.060 14  VFG002508(gi:53717911) (flgB) flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgB [Flagella (VF0430)] [Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243]
8 gi|16082702|ref|NP_395148.1| plasmid-partitioning protein (YPCD1.12c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 320 VFDB 49-198 -6.090 VFG000458(gi:16764500) (csgA) curlin major subunit CsgA [Agf (VF0103)] [Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium str. LT2]
9 gi|16082703|ref|NP_395149.1| plasmid-partitioning protein SopA (YPCD1.13c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 388 VFDB 83-379 -24.800 14  VFG043385(gi:15645648) (ylxH) ATP-binding protein [Pse5Ac7Ac (AI150)] [Helicobacter pylori 26695]
10 gi|40548797|ref|NP_954989.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.14n) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 65 VFDB 1-62 -4.360 12  VFG041337(gi:52842664) (ankD/legA15) Dot/Icm type IV secretion system effector AnkD/LegA15 [Dot/Icm (SS047)] [Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila str. Philadelphia 1]
11 gi|16082705|ref|NP_395151.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.15c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 152 VFDB 5-152 -6.630 17  VFG000973(gi:15675811) (speB) pyrogenic exotoxin B [SpeB (VF0249)] [Streptococcus pyogenes M1 GAS]
12 gi|16082706|ref|NP_395152.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.16c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 107 VFDB 9-92 -6.810 11  VFG015512(gi:15599408) (phzD1) phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzD, isochorismatase [Phenazines biosynthesis (CVF536)] [Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1]
13 gi|16082708|ref|NP_395154.1| Yop targeting protein (YPCD1.19c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 182 VFDB 1-182 -146.000 100  VFG000374(gi:16082708) (yopK/yopQ) type III secretion system effector YopK/YopQ, regulating Yops injection from within host cells [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]
14 gi|16082709|ref|NP_395155.1| Yop targeted effector (YPCD1.20) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 322 VFDB 1-322 -126.000 100  VFG000375(gi:16082709) (yopT) type III secretion system effector YopT, cysteine protease [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]
15 gi|16082710|ref|NP_395156.1| YopT chaperone (YPCD1.21) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 132 VFDB 1-132 -70.700 100  VFG000376(gi:16082710) (sycT) chaperone for YopT [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]
16 gi|16082711|ref|NP_395157.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.22c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 129 VFDB 103-128 -5.360 19  VFG007189(gi:28901197) (vscR2) type III secretion system C-ring protein VscR2 [T3SS2 (VF0409)] [Vibrio parahaemolyticus RIMD 2210633]
17 gi|16082712|ref|NP_395158.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.23) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 139 VFDB 8-85 -5.600 15  VFG000032(gi:33591345) (bplG) probable sugar transferase [LPS (VF0033)] [Bordetella pertussis Tohama I]
18 gi|16082715|ref|NP_395161.1| secreted effector protein (YPCD1.26c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 409 VFDB 1-409 -81.100 100  VFG000377(gi:16082715) (yopM) type III secretion system effector YopM [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]
19 gi|16082716|ref|NP_395162.1| secreted effector protein (YPCD1.28c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 306 VFDB 1-306 -86.700 100  VFG000378(gi:16082716) (yopD) type III secretion system hydrophobic translocator, pore protein YopD [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]
20 gi|16082717|ref|NP_395163.1| secreted effector protein (YPCD1.29c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 401 VFDB 1-401 -95.200 100  VFG000379(gi:16082717) (yopB) type III secretion system hydrophobic translocator, pore protein YopB [TTSS (VF0140)] [Yersinia pestis CO92]

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