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# Query Length Result vs. Range Score %id Covered by template(s)
21 gi|30260216|ref|NP_842593.1| hypothetical protein (BA_0022) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 73 H.sapiens 15-72 -6.600 10  sp|Q16363|LAMA4_HUMAN(removed signalp:1-27) Laminin subunit alpha-4 OS=Homo sapiens GN=LAMA4 PE=1 SV=4
22 gi|30260217|ref|NP_842594.1| sigma-k factor processing regulatory protein BofA (BA_0024) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 89 H.sapiens 1-89 -10.400 10  sp|Q99442|SEC62_HUMAN Translocation protein SEC62 OS=Homo sapiens GN=SEC62 PE=1 SV=1
23 gi|30260218|ref|NP_842595.1| csfB protein, putative (BA_0025) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 59 H.sapiens 1-50 -8.510 20  sp|Q96RK0|CIC_HUMAN Protein capicua homolog OS=Homo sapiens GN=CIC PE=1 SV=2
24 gi|30260219|ref|NP_842596.1| lysine decarboxylase (BA_0026) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 473 H.sapiens 1-424 -62.600 12  sp|Q9HD40|SPCS_HUMAN O-phosphoseryl-tRNA(Sec) selenium transferase OS=Homo sapiens GN=SEPSECS PE=1 SV=2
25 gi|30260220|ref|NP_842597.1| thymidylate kinase (BA_0027) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 208 H.sapiens 2-207 -71.600 18  sp|P23919|KTHY_HUMAN Thymidylate kinase OS=Homo sapiens GN=DTYMK PE=1 SV=4
26 gi|30260221|ref|NP_842598.1| DNA polymerase III subunit delta' (BA_0028) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 327 H.sapiens 2-326 -50.000 15  sp|P35250|RFC2_HUMAN Replication factor C subunit 2 OS=Homo sapiens GN=RFC2 PE=1 SV=3
27 gi|30260222|ref|NP_842599.1| hypothetical protein (BA_0029) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 278 H.sapiens 90-233 -9.050 23  sp|Q13191|CBLB_HUMAN E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase CBL-B OS=Homo sapiens GN=CBLB PE=1 SV=2
28 gi|30260223|ref|NP_842600.1| DNA replication intiation control protein YabA (BA_0030) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 116 H.sapiens 2-72 -9.340 18  sp|P17861|XBP1_HUMAN X-box-binding protein 1 OS=Homo sapiens GN=XBP1 PE=1 SV=2
29 gi|30260224|ref|NP_842601.1| hypothetical protein (BA_0031) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 246 H.sapiens 1-185 -22.200 10  sp|Q9BTF0|THUM2_HUMAN THUMP domain-containing protein 2 OS=Homo sapiens GN=THUMPD2 PE=2 SV=1
29-246 -18.400 sp|Q9BV44|THUM3_HUMAN THUMP domain-containing protein 3 OS=Homo sapiens GN=THUMPD3 PE=1 SV=1
31-214 -32.000 15  sp|Q9Y5N5|HEMK2_HUMAN HemK methyltransferase family member 2 OS=Homo sapiens GN=N6AMT1 PE=1 SV=3
30 gi|30260225|ref|NP_842602.1| GIY-YIG nuclease superfamily protein (BA_0032) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 96 H.sapiens 3-86 -28.800 23  sp|Q9BQ83|SLX1_HUMAN Structure-specific endonuclease subunit SLX1 OS=Homo sapiens GN=SLX1A PE=1 SV=1
31 gi|30260226|ref|NP_842603.1| hypothetical protein (BA_0033) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 291 H.sapiens 14-241 -18.800 15  sp|Q9H2P9|DPH5_HUMAN Diphthine synthase OS=Homo sapiens GN=DPH5 PE=1 SV=2
32 gi|30260227|ref|NP_842604.1| transition state transcriptional regulatory protein AbrB (BA_0034) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 94 H.sapiens 8-33 -7.860 26  sp|Q9P206|K1522_HUMAN Uncharacterized protein KIAA1522 OS=Homo sapiens GN=KIAA1522 PE=1 SV=2
33 gi|30260228|ref|NP_842605.1| methionyl-tRNA synthetase (BA_0036) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 660 H.sapiens 2-536 -137.000 32  sp|Q96GW9|SYMM_HUMAN(removed signalp:1-15) Methionyl-tRNA synthetase, mitochondrial OS=Homo sapiens GN=MARS2 PE=1 SV=2
318-614 -78.800 25  sp|P56192|SYMC_HUMAN Methionyl-tRNA synthetase, cytoplasmic OS=Homo sapiens GN=MARS PE=1 SV=2
417-659 -58.300 18  sp|Q12904|AIMP1_HUMAN Aminoacyl tRNA synthase complex-interacting multifunctional protein 1 OS=Homo sapiens GN=AIMP1 PE=1 SV=2
34 gi|30260229|ref|NP_842606.1| TatD family deoxyribonuclease (BA_0037) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 255 H.sapiens 2-254 -96.200 33  sp|Q17R31|TATD3_HUMAN Putative deoxyribonuclease TATDN3 OS=Homo sapiens GN=TATDN3 PE=1 SV=1
35 gi|30260230|ref|NP_842607.1| primase-related protein (BA_0038) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 185 H.sapiens 2-66 -19.000 12  sp|Q96RR1|PEO1_HUMAN(removed signalp:1-19) Twinkle protein, mitochondrial OS=Homo sapiens GN=PEO1 PE=1 SV=1
36 gi|30260231|ref|NP_842608.1| dimethyladenosine transferase (BA_0039) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 292 H.sapiens 2-292 -94.800 27  sp|Q9UNQ2|DIMT1_HUMAN Probable dimethyladenosine transferase OS=Homo sapiens GN=DIMT1L PE=1 SV=1
37 gi|30260232|ref|NP_842609.1| yabG protein (BA_0040) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 287 H.sapiens 105-251 -6.790 11  sp|Q04760|LGUL_HUMAN Lactoylglutathione lyase OS=Homo sapiens GN=GLO1 PE=1 SV=4
38 gi|30260233|ref|NP_842610.1| veg protein (BA_0041) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 86 H.sapiens 1-83 -7.260 20  sp|P62312|LSM6_HUMAN U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm6 OS=Homo sapiens GN=LSM6 PE=1 SV=1
39 gi|30260234|ref|NP_842611.1| small, acid-soluble spore protein (BA_0042) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 59 H.sapiens 4-38 -7.050 20  sp|Q7Z7G0|TARSH_HUMAN(removed signalp:1-28) Target of Nesh-SH3 OS=Homo sapiens GN=ABI3BP PE=1 SV=1
40 gi|30260235|ref|NP_842612.1| 4-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol kinase (BA_0043) [Bacillus anthracis str. Ames] 289 H.sapiens 2-289 -20.200 13  sp|Q03426|KIME_HUMAN Mevalonate kinase OS=Homo sapiens GN=MVK PE=1 SV=1

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Selected papers from Godzik Lab
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Mayya Sedova, Mallika Iyer, Zhanwen Li, Lukasz Jaroszewski, Kai W Post, Thomas Hrabe, Eduard Porta-Pardo, Adam Godzik Cancer3D 2.0:: interactive analysis of 3D patterns of cancer mutations in cancer subsets. Nucleic Acids Research, gky1098 2018; Published on November 8 2018.

Reed JC, Doctor K, Rojas A, Zapata JM, Stehlik C, Fiorentino L, Damiano J, Roth W, Matsuzawa S, Newman R, Takayama S, Marusawa H, Xu F, Salvesen G, Godzik A.; RIKEN GER Group; GSL Members. Comparative analysis of apoptosis and inflammation genes of mice and humans. Genome Res. 2003 Jun;13(6B):1376-88.