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# Query Length Result vs. Range Score %id Covered by template(s)
1 gi|15604718|ref|NP_219502.1| hypothetical protein (CT875) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 591 SCOP207 356-412 -6.070 17  d1rewc_ g.7.1.3 (C:) BMP receptor Ia ectodomain {Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId: 9606]}
2 gi|15604719|ref|NP_219503.1| hypothetical protein (CT001) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 90 SCOP207 4-90 -7.770 d1kqfc_ f.21.1.1 (C:) Formate dehydrogenase N, cytochrome (gamma) subunit {Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]}
3 gi|15604720|ref|NP_219504.1| aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA amidotransferase subunit C (CT002) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 100 SCOP207 5-98 -48.400 27  d3ip4c_ a.137.12.1 (C:) Glu-tRNAGln amidotransferase C subunit, GatC {Staphylococcus aureus [TaxId: 158878]}
4 gi|15604721|ref|NP_219505.1| aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA amidotransferase subunit A (CT003) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 491 SCOP207 1-485 -129.000 42  d2gi3a1 c.117.1.1 (A:1-475) Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit A {Thermotoga maritima [TaxId: 2336]}
5 gi|15604722|ref|NP_219506.1| aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA amidotransferase subunit B (CT004) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 488 SCOP207 9-304 -126.000 48  d2f2ab2 d.128.1.5 (B:4-293) Aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA(Asn/Gln) amidotransferase subunit B, GatB, N-terminal domain {Staphylococcus aureus [TaxId: 1280]}
305-424 -37.200 21  d2f2ab1 a.182.1.2 (B:294-411) Aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA(Asn/Gln) amidotransferase subunit B, GatB, C-terminal domain {Staphylococcus aureus [TaxId: 1280]}
6 gi|15604723|ref|NP_219507.1| hypothetical protein (CT005) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 363 SCOP207 11-145 -6.160 12  d2nr9a1 f.51.1.1 (A:4-192) GlpG homolog HI0618 {Haemophilus influenzae [TaxId: 727]}
7 gi|15604724|ref|NP_219508.1| hypothetical protein (CT006) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 189 SCOP207 100-189 -7.170 14  d2saka_ d.15.5.1 (A:) Staphylokinase {Staphylococcus aureus [TaxId: 1280]}
8 gi|15604725|ref|NP_219509.1| hypothetical protein (CT007) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 316 SCOP207 39-316 -16.500 d2vdfa_ f.4.4.2 (A:) Outer membrane adhesin/invasin OpcA {Neisseria meningitidis [TaxId: 487]}
9 gi|15604726|ref|NP_219510.1| ribonuclease HIII (CT008) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 300 SCOP207 88-300 -68.800 21  d1ekea_ c.55.3.1 (A:) Class II ribonuclease H (RNase HII) {Methanococcus jannaschii [TaxId: 2190]}
10 gi|15604727|ref|NP_219511.1| HTH transcriptional regulator (CT009) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 143 SCOP207 10-85 -15.000 18  d3f52a_ a.35.1.0 (A:) automated matches {Corynebacterium glutamicum [TaxId: 1718]}
11 gi|15604728|ref|NP_219512.1| lipid A biosynthesis lauroyl acyltransferase (CT010) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 455 SCOP207 40-309 -13.600 d1iuqa1 c.112.1.1 (A:4-368) Glycerol-3-phosphate (1)-acyltransferase {Cushaw squash (Cucurbita moschata) [TaxId: 3662]}
12 gi|15604729|ref|NP_219513.1| hypothetical protein (CT011) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 418 SCOP207 66-198 -5.180 d4w64a1 b.157.1.0 (A:1-167) automated matches {Acinetobacter baumannii [TaxId: 480119]}
13 gi|15604730|ref|NP_219514.1| hypothetical protein (CT012) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 264 SCOP207 44-232 -73.700 32  d2fb5a1 d.320.1.1 (A:5-205) Hypothetical protein BC4920 (YojJ) {Bacillus cereus [TaxId: 1396]}
14 gi|15604731|ref|NP_219515.1| cytochrome d ubiquinol oxidase subunit I (CT013) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 446 SCOP207 46-268 -6.280 13  d1kqfc_ f.21.1.1 (C:) Formate dehydrogenase N, cytochrome (gamma) subunit {Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]}
15 gi|15604732|ref|NP_219516.1| cytochrome d ubiquinol oxidase subunit II (CT014) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 353 SCOP207 37-66 -6.550 13  d1f0aa_ d.57.1.1 (A:) DNA damage-inducible protein DinI {Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]}
16 gi|15604733|ref|NP_219517.1| ATPase (CT015) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 434 SCOP207 2-143 -12.400 19  d1o4wa_ c.120.1.1 (A:) Hypothetical protein AF0591 {Archaeoglobus fulgidus [TaxId: 2234]}
226-407 -14.400 17  d2gk6a1 c.37.1.19 (A:295-324,A:416-702) Upf1 {Human (Homo sapiens) [TaxId: 9606]}
17 gi|15604734|ref|NP_219518.1| hypothetical protein (CT016) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 242 SCOP207 10-165 -7.130 d2acoa1 b.60.1.1 (A:11-177) automated matches {Escherichia coli [TaxId: 562]}
18 gi|15604735|ref|NP_219519.1| hypothetical protein (CT017) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 433 SCOP207 41-160 -30.200 14  d1xova1 b.34.11.4 (A:181-314) Endolysin Ply, C-terminal domain {Bacteriophage Psa [TaxId: 171618]}
19 gi|15604736|ref|NP_219520.1| hypothetical protein (CT018) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 157 SCOP207 29-119 -6.280 d2r40d_ a.123.1.1 (D:) Ecdysone receptor {Tobacco budworm (Heliothis virescens) [TaxId: 7102]}
20 gi|15604737|ref|NP_219521.1| isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase (CT019) [Chlamydia trachomatis D/UW-3/CX] 500 SCOP207 1-426 -65.400 25  d1ilea3 c.26.1.1 (A:1-197,A:387-641) Isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase (IleRS) {Thermus thermophilus [TaxId: 274]}
1-456 -26.500 16  d1ivsa4 c.26.1.1 (A:1-189,A:343-578) Valyl-tRNA synthetase (ValRS) {Thermus thermophilus [TaxId: 274]}
197-389 -69.200 28  d1ffya2 b.51.1.1 (A:201-394) Isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase (IleRS) {Staphylococcus aureus [TaxId: 1280]}

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Selected papers from Godzik Lab
Ying Zhang, Ines Thiele, Dana Weekes, Zhanwen Li, Lukasz Jaroszewski, Krzysztof Ginalski, Ashley Deacon, John Wooley, Scott Lesley, Ian Wilson, Bernhard Palsson, Andrei Osterman, Adam Godzik. Three-Dimensional Structural View of the Central Metabolic Network of Thermotoga maritima. Science. 2009 Sep 18;325(5947):1544-9.

Mayya Sedova, Mallika Iyer, Zhanwen Li, Lukasz Jaroszewski, Kai W Post, Thomas Hrabe, Eduard Porta-Pardo, Adam Godzik Cancer3D 2.0:: interactive analysis of 3D patterns of cancer mutations in cancer subsets. Nucleic Acids Research, gky1098 2018; Published on November 8 2018.

Luz JG, Hassig CA, Pickle C, Godzik A., Meyer BJ, Wilson IA. XOL-1, primary determinant of sexual fate in C. elegans, is a GHMP kinase family member and a structural prototype for a class of developmental regulators. Genes Dev. 2003 Apr 15;17(8):977-90. Epub 2003 Apr 02.