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# Query Length Result vs. Range Score %id Covered by template(s)
1 gi|16082692|ref|NP_395138.1| putative transposase (YPCD1.01) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 340 HGM_OVER 18-75 -5.060 14  HGC00573 gi|163306732|dbj|BABD01003960.1|2.0 TMP00669;
2 gi|16082693|ref|NP_395139.1| transposase/IS protein (YPCD1.02) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 259 HGM_OVER 145-259 -3.860 11  PB031792 gi|154174791|ref|YP_001409041.1| flavodoxin family protein [Campylobacter curvus 525.92]gi|112804021|gb|EAU01365.1| flavodoxin family protein [Campylobacter curvus 525.92]
3 gi|16082696|ref|NP_395142.1| secretion chaperone (YPCD1.05c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 130 HGM_OVER 1-110 -4.520 10  PB022506 Q11RP6_CYTH3/1-298 PB022506; Pfam-B_22506;
4 gi|16082697|ref|NP_395143.1| putative outer membrane virulence protein (YPCD1.06) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 219 HGM_OVER 158-211 -3.100 16  PB031792 gi|154174791|ref|YP_001409041.1| flavodoxin family protein [Campylobacter curvus 525.92]gi|112804021|gb|EAU01365.1| flavodoxin family protein [Campylobacter curvus 525.92]
5 gi|16082698|ref|NP_395144.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.07) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 98 HGM_OVER 10-64 -5.190 23  PB010473 Q8A4J5_BACTN/121-234 PB010473; Pfam-B_10473;
6 gi|16082699|ref|NP_395145.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.08c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 99 HGM_OVER 2-83 -3.570 PB128892 A6TNK2_9CLOT/1-174 PB128892; Pfam-B_128892;
7 gi|40548796|ref|NP_395146.2| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.09c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 80 HGM_OVER 3-38 -6.170 22  HGC00962 gi|162759780|dbj|BAAZ01005693.1|3.0 TMP01305;
8 gi|16082702|ref|NP_395148.1| plasmid-partitioning protein (YPCD1.12c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 320 HGM_OVER 140-212 -5.820 13  HGC00573 gi|163306732|dbj|BABD01003960.1|2.0 TMP00669;
9 gi|16082703|ref|NP_395149.1| plasmid-partitioning protein SopA (YPCD1.13c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 388 HGM_OVER 1-105 -6.160 HGC00573 gi|163306732|dbj|BABD01003960.1|2.0 TMP00669;
10 gi|40548797|ref|NP_954989.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.14n) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 65 HGM_OVER 21-58 -4.010 HGC00965 gi|163282470|dbj|BABD01028218.1|2.0 TMP01310;
11 gi|16082705|ref|NP_395151.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.15c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 152 HGM_OVER 4-138 -4.490 13  PB007843 JCVI_PEP_1096682172521 /source_dna_id=JCVI_ORF_1096682172520 /offset=0 /translation_table=11 /length=152 /full_length=152
12 gi|16082706|ref|NP_395152.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.16c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 107 HGM_OVER 31-52 -5.590 18  HGC00573 gi|163306732|dbj|BABD01003960.1|2.0 TMP00669;
13 gi|16082708|ref|NP_395154.1| Yop targeting protein (YPCD1.19c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 182 HGM_OVER 1-182 -2.880 HGC00787 gi|162657578|dbj|BAAX01002027.1|2.0 TMP01033;
14 gi|16082709|ref|NP_395155.1| Yop targeted effector (YPCD1.20) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 322 HGM_OVER 137-321 -3.900 PB023890 Q7MUU3_PORGI/1-263 PB023890; Pfam-B_23890;
15 gi|16082710|ref|NP_395156.1| YopT chaperone (YPCD1.21) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 132 HGM_OVER 76-131 -4.270 HGC00573 gi|163306732|dbj|BABD01003960.1|2.0 TMP00669;
16 gi|16082711|ref|NP_395157.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.22c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 129 HGM_OVER 77-124 -2.990 12  PB012108 A3U600_9FLAO/1-189 PB012108; Pfam-B_12108;
17 gi|16082712|ref|NP_395158.1| hypothetical protein (YPCD1.23) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 139 HGM_OVER 7-92 -4.020 16  PB012386 gi|82541244|ref|XP_724876.1| blood-stage membrane protein Ag-1 [Plasmodium yoelii yoelii str. 17XNL]gi|23479680|gb|EAA16441.1| blood-stage membrane protein Ag-1 [Plasmodium yoelii yoelii]
18 gi|16082715|ref|NP_395161.1| secreted effector protein (YPCD1.26c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 409 HGM_OVER 244-372 -0.925 PB071107 _Gut.Meta.Jp.0066071_ gi|162701604|dbj|BAAY01026246.1||2 (+ 344:749~0 complete)
19 gi|16082716|ref|NP_395162.1| secreted effector protein (YPCD1.28c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 306 HGM_OVER 72-125 -4.290 PB012472 gi|62259485|gb|AAX77857.1| unknown protein [synthetic construct]
20 gi|16082717|ref|NP_395163.1| secreted effector protein (YPCD1.29c) [Yersinia pestis CO92] 401 HGM_OVER 137-230 -4.240 18  PB010473 Q8A4J5_BACTN/121-234 PB010473; Pfam-B_10473;

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Selected papers from Godzik Lab
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Mayya Sedova, Mallika Iyer, Zhanwen Li, Lukasz Jaroszewski, Kai W Post, Thomas Hrabe, Eduard Porta-Pardo, Adam Godzik Cancer3D 2.0:: interactive analysis of 3D patterns of cancer mutations in cancer subsets. Nucleic Acids Research, gky1098 2018; Published on November 8 2018.

Shiryaev SA, Ratnikov BI, Chekanov AV, Sikora S, Rozanov DV, Godzik A,Wang J, Smith JW, Huang Z, Lindberg I, Samuel MA, Diamond MS, Strongin AY. Cleavage targets and the D-arginine-based inhibitors of the West Nile virus NS3 processing proteinase. Biochem J. 2006 Jan 15;393(Pt 2):503-11.